Do you want to write but have trouble getting your pen moving?

You're not the only one!

You really wish you could write more. 

More often. More regularly. More.

But you’re so busy adulting you already can’t find enough hours in the day, what with family, friends, work, and all that that entails. You just can't add one more thing!

Then when you do get a chance to write, you can’t think of what to say.

Some people call this "writer's block."


What if it's not "writer's block"?

What if there's no such thing?

Maybe, when you're staring at the blank page with no idea where to start, it's not that you're "blocked" and it's not that something's wrong with you.

Maybe it's just that, whenever your pen does start moving, suddenly there's this pesky editor in your head who settles in to make snarky comments, disguised as (unsolicited) "advice": 

  • You can’t say that!

  • That should be a semicolon, not a comma! Don't you know anything?

  • You're a stinky writer anyway. You should just give up and go do something useful.


Ten minutes of that garbage and you're done. You toss your notebook into the nearest corner and head off to do something more fun. 

And you wonder why you don't write more often!

Making Notes

What if you didn't have to worry about any of that?

What if you could write with ease, grace and joy, without thinking about whether it's "any good" or censoring yourself before your words ever get to the page? Without giving a single thought to grammar, punctuation or spelling? And without worrying about whether you're a stinky writer?

Hi, I'm Dee.

For over 30 years, I’ve helped people learn about writing, in small group settings and individual coaching sessions.

I especially love helping people find their writing voice through the practice of contemplative writing.

What's that, you ask?

Contemplative writing is a unique and powerful writing practice that brings mindfulness and writing together on the page.

Find out what it's like to write for the sheer joy of seeing what emerges.

Pencil Bunch

You could start now.

Yes, right now.

Three simple steps:


  2. Start a timer.

  3. Write without stopping.

If you'd like a tiny bit more detail, you can download my little 5-step guide to writing with more joy. It's only a page and a half, and it's free to download. 

Not ready to start this instant? That's okay. Maybe you'd like more info.